Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Storm

We all go through upheaval in our lives that is unexpected, intense and emotional.

Recently I got into a very heated exchange that left me angry and puzzled. I felt attacked. I wondered how this could happen, how the other person could have thought that this was a good idea or a good strategy for dealing with issues between us.

I didn't know what to do, except to be with the feelings as they changed and passed.

I had a dream that night. And it was one of those dreams that I did not remember until the middle of the next day.

In the dream I was outside in a storm of swirling winds. There were little twisters that came up as people were walking down the street. Sometimes, the twisters lifted people into the air, twenty or thirty feet.

The people who were lifted did not seem concerned. They continued on their way, except for the fact that they were temporarily blown off course. (And, some of the people genuinely seemed to enjoy the ride.)

As I was walking, it happened to me, too. Up in the air, flying, then I touched gently down. And while it was happening to everyone, no one was hurt. There even was a sense that there was no way to be hurt--that this is just what happens, storms coming and going as we continue on our way.

I'll be out on Friday and Monday in a retreat with my wife. Back Tuesday.


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