Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Last week I talked about stress being a prime motivator to doing something different in our lives.

There is a sense that we have too much to do. That we are overwhelmed. That we simply cannot live this way.

Of course all these things are just thoughts, but they are also messages that get reinforced every day, by our employers, by our friends, and by the mass media. There is a sense that we are busier than ever and that the workload is simply overwhelming.

To what end? Are we happier? Do we really need more stuff?

It seems what we need is rest. And I'm not talking sleep, though that would certainly help.

Instead, see if you can, just for the next minute or so, stop. Simply let the next moment be exactly as it is going to be. Without wanting it to be something else. Without trying to change it or manipulate it or force it into some kind of conceptual box.

Ah. It's a vacation, and you never even have to leave the office. It's right here. It's available in any moment.

Or every moment.

Rest. And healing. And, perhaps, transformation.


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