Thursday, May 12, 2011

What I Believe

I believe that we live to connect with others.

I believe that connection is one of the most precious, sacred things in existence.

I believe that my ability to make that connection is what makes me valuable to an employer, or a client.

Not my ability to cold call or write a Power Point deck or deliver a presentation or implement a project plan. I can do those things, but so can lots of other folks. What I can also do is establish trust. Heartfelt, fall on a grenade for you trust. Only with trust can people deliver fundamental change through identifying values and shattering assumptions.

Whether I find that in my current employer, in a future employer, or as a consultant working with employers, I believe that's what is next for me.

I would love to hear what is next for you. If you believe as I do, let's build it together.


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