Monday, March 7, 2011

A New Direction

For the last year, I have spent a lot of time in this blog pointing at the space of unconditioned awareness. And it is true that this space, where we make no demands on ourselves, where we have trouble saying where we are or even who we are, is incredibly healing.

I get so much out of bringing myself back, again and again, to this space. It is my practice. And I don't want to say anything that would diminish the value of it.

But lately I feel like my writing is taking me in a different direction. I've felt drawn for some time in taking this kind of work into the corporate world (it's in the name of the blog, right?). But I also feel like the terminology of the nondual only gets in the way of what people really want. And I feel like I've written within this terminology about as much as I can. That the nondual well as dried up, at least for now.

We're all stressed. We have lots of reasons for working in the corporate world, but sometimes we can feel trapped. We can feel like we have too much to do, or we're too mean to each other, or we just don't feel any meaning in our day to day lives. And the reason that we engage in reading or meditation or other practices is to find peace in the midst of our stress.

Nondual thought--the idea that we are just here, that things are just happening, and that so much of our experience in the world is just our thoughts, just vapor, really--is incredibly powerful, but it can seem arcane and complex, too, even off-putting. So I find myself exploring different terminology, different ideas, different pointers to this place of healing. And I find myself more and more focusing on the simple idea of happiness. Of happiness as an ever-present possibility, regardless of whatever else is happening in our lives.

As my writing shifts, as it evolves and changes, I'd like your feedback. Because the whole point of this is to share the possibility of happiness right now. Whatever label you want to put on it.


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  1. Hi Jeff,

    This is a gifted insight. I think you hit the meditation point on the nose. No one want's to be common or ordinary. Consequently, we are looking for some way to express our creativity and make our lives worthwhile. Especially, if clocking the 40-60 hour workweek has broken our spirit. The question I hear constantly from my students is "How can I find joy in my situation?" (job, role and healing process) It seems that the happiness can come from acceptance but what if we cannot accept ourselves? Then, what? How does nondual thought shift the ever established western achievement thought process and lifestyle? Especially, if nothing is happening in our lives :)