Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Could Never Do That

The most confining words in all the English language are "I could never do that."

I've had people tell me that they could never call a client and ask them for more work. Or say what their opinion is in a meeting. Or ask for a raise.

And because they believe that they can't do it those things, they can't. Their self concept will not permit them to.

My mom can't drive a car or fly in an airplane, because her self concept will not permit it.

But let's look at this think called self concept for a moment. What is it exactly?

It is a bunch of thoughts that we think about our self.

What is that self that we are thinking about?

It's me, right? Who? What is the self exactly?

You can look but you will never find it. You might find things that you have done, but those are in the past. You might find things you hope to do, but those are in the future. And anything in the past or the future is, by definition, only a thought.

You, on the other hand, are right here, right now, and thoughts cannot define you. You are unlimited space, vast consciousness. Nothing less than the entire universe, and maybe more. You are pure potential.

Is your self concept smaller than that?



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