Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Why Trap

"Why" might be the biggest impediment on the spiritual path.

Why is a perfectly reasonable question to ask in everyday life. Why didn't we get the promotion? Why did the client pick another vendor? Why did our biggest competitor get acquired?

But when we are talking about that which can't be described--awareness or presence or whatever name you might call it--why will lead us astray.

Why leads us into the left hemisphere of the brain. To logic and past and future. To stories about things that are not the thing itself. In the conditioned world, we tend not to notice this.

But presence is none of those things. It is the right brain experience of the world. It is right here, right now. Full stop. Nothing more. To try to describe or explain is to kill it.

See it. Relax into it. Enjoy the relief and healing it brings.

And don't ask why.


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