Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Outer and Inner

We spend a lot of time feeling like something is missing.

And we compensate for this the only way we know how. We try to buy things and do things to escape this feeling. We think that if we have more, that place of emptiness will be filled. We think that these outer, impermanent possessions or experiences can be a substitute for the inner goodness we think is missing.

If there is indeed something missing inside us, it seems very unlikely we'll plug that hole with the right partner or job or car or house. Yet when we think of the time that we spend on our own development, most of the effort seems to be on these external things.

It might make more sense to look inside, at this sense of something missing. Why do we feel this way? Is it because we have been told that we are inadequate? Let's question that. Is it because we think others have something we don't? Let's see if that is really true.

Without the thought that something is missing, what's here? Everything.

We're all capable of experiencing the miracle of having a human life. And yet we spend most of our days not noticing that. Not noticing the miracles all around us.

Now is a great time to remind ourselves of all that we have. And to see that in this moment, we simply can't find anything that's missing.


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