Monday, January 17, 2011

Testing, Testing

Great post by Seth Godin.

We test because we want reassurance. We want to know what's going to happen. We want understanding.

And we really can't have any of these things.

When it comes to the important stuff, like "How do I become happy?" or "Am I doing the right thing?," there is no test that applies.

No matter what we think, no filled in dots on a page or check the box in a survey can substitute for the experience itself.

Happiness is just a label, and often a goal to be attained in some imagined future.

And who can say what "the right thing" is, or will be?

These questions, though, can point us to right here, right now. Because if we sit with them long enough we can see that they don't have answers, and never will.

All we can do is what we are doing now. All we can be is this.


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