Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beyond Meditation

I talk and write a lot about meditation practice. My experience over the last fifteen years has been utterly transformational. And I highly recommend it.

But at some point, meditative awareness just happens. Awareness just happens. Formal practice may or may not continue, but if it does, the border between meditating and not meditating gets very hazy indeed.

Last Saturday, I went to see a talk with Scott Kiloby, an incredibly clear nondual teacher. Scott said that he used to meditate, a lot, but doesn't anymore. If fact, he doesn't even encourage it. What's important, he says, is simply noticing, more and more, what is happening in each moment. The seeing that happens in the midst of our day.

He said he used to meditate in the morning, and meditate during the evening. And life in between, he said, was an unconscious roller coaster. Once he had a strong awakening experience, the need for meditating apparently fell away. The awareness had stabilized on its own.

It's interesting to speculate whether one can have that stable experience without meditating. But speculating about the future is a trap. What's clear is you can be here right now. And just noticing that, without worrying about whether or not it will continue, is enough.


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