Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trigger Happy

One of the things that continues to get in the way on our path is triggers.

What do I mean by a trigger? Simply, something or someone that sends you down an unconscious path.

Often, we have triggers from when we were growing up. And, without realizing it, someone might say something, or look at us in a particular way, that reminds us of a parent or a sibling. And suddenly, we are back twenty years, or more, reacting exactly the way we used to react. Without thinking about it. Without stopping to question what we are doing.

We end up following a script that was written years ago. And we have done it so many times, that we can do it perfectly. The grooves in our brain are deep and efficient.

Sometimes, we don't even realize it happened.

As we try to become more conscious of how we are in the world, becoming aware of our triggers is an important step. As we bring more and more awareness to our interactions, we can begin to spot them, and notice if they are useful. Sometimes, they are--maybe there is a particular phrase that someone can say that reminds us of how our father used to inspire us to do our best.

Often, though, they are not. And bringing them into the light--seeing them, exactly as they are--is the best way to begin to see them fade.


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