Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Goldilocks Syndrome

I can be pretty picky.

When life presents opportunities, it can be easy to say, "well, that's nice, but it needs to be a little more like this, or a little less like that." I do that with everything from shopping to career choices.

In doing this, I only create struggle. I only create resistance to what is.

Perfect is an interesting concept, but it is only a concept. It's just a bunch of thoughts and preferences that we have, and like everything else, they are changing all the time. The life situations that we come across seldom fit with every one of our ideas. (And let's face it, they often are almost completely contrary to our preferences.) But it can be useful to watch ourselves try to fine tune our experience because it is not exactly how we would like it.

The amazing thing is that if we can stop doing this, or even start doing it a little less, we can begin to see that life is already "just right." Just as it is. Even if we want it to be different.


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