Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Travel Plans

This week, like many, I am on the road part of the time. Sometimes we can use travel as an excuse to do things differently.

I know, for example, that I use travel as an excuse to eat more and drink more than I might otherwise.  Having a young child at home, travel is a wonderful opportunity to get more sleep usual, but it often doesn't work that way. And I might not get in as much meditation time on the road as I would at home. I might not get in any exercise, either.

For me, travel is generally done as part of a group, which means that, more than usual, there is peer pressure. And it can be hard not to go out for one more drink or to get that extra rich dessert.

There is nothing good or bad in any of this, and the changes are not always negative. I tend to get in a lot more reading on the road than at home, for example. But it can be useful to notice these tendencies. When you have habits and your routines change, your habits can change, too.

Maybe we don't need that dessert. But it might be nice to enjoy one every now and then, too.


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