Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Challenge of Language

One of the challenges of this work is that there is a vocabulary that has grown up around it in the spiritual world that is often based on Sanskrit, Japanese, or Tibetan words that do not translate easily into English.

My premise is that while these terms grew up in spiritual traditions, they are pointing at something that is not inherently spiritual. In fact, it is free of any content at all. It is before notions of content and lack of content, just like it is free of notions of suffering or lack of suffering.

To communicate "this" is a challenge. Even to point at it, at this that is aware of the world, can be difficult.

But the value of resting here is clear.

Here, there are no boundaries. We see ourselves and others without the lens of our personal identities and our agendas. We can simply be. And there is peace and healing here.


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