Monday, November 29, 2010

The Road Less Taken

There is a reason they call it the easy path and the hard path.

The easy path is the one of least resistance. It is the one that does not challenge you. It is the one where nothing changes.

Most of our lives are lived on the easy path. The easy path is our daily routine, both conscious and unconscious. And it can be our ways of avoiding problems, whether we see we are doing it or not.

The hard path, now that is where the work is. The hard path is where we learn about ourselves, about all of the ways that we try to escape this moment. The hard path is a long look in the mirror instead of looking away. The hard path must result in change, because the hard path is the very essence of change.

We don't have to spend our entire lives grinding away on the hard path. But we do have to spend some time there. Just like vines in rocky soil make the best wines, so we are at our best when we are mastering our challenges instead of running away from them.


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