Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I am out of the office tomorrow traveling, so today let me pass along my best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

I'd like to talk about what I am thankful for. Some of those things may not surprise you--my wife, my daughter, my two sons. My wife is an amazingly supportive partner and friend. And it is a privilege to watch our children grow and change, with all the blessings and challenges that brings. I'm thankful for our home and health. And for our extended family--parents, siblings, cousins, and friends.

But I am thankful for all the difficult times, too. Because I have come to realize that, like it or not, it is the hard times that make us grow the most. It is the hard times, the courageous decisions that we have to make, the difficult relationships that we have, that really stretch us and show us what we can be. And I am truly grateful for that.

Until next Monday, Happy Thanksgiving. Love to all. And thanks for whatever this wonderful thing called life brings our way.


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