Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Blog About Nothing

"Each something is a celebration of the nothing that supports it."

- John Cage -

It can be odd writing about something that can't be written about. But all of the activity in our lives arises from something. It has been called silence, or awareness, or consciousness, or space, or the void, or pure potentiality, or ordinary mind.

It is in the moment you wake up in the morning, before you remember who you are.

It is when you are so absorbed in activity that you forget your name, your gender, your age.

It is the very sense of aliveness that we all share. It precedes our ideas and preferences.

And yet it includes our entire life, preferences and conditioning and all.

There are no words to describe it, no words that do not turn it into a dead concept. It cannot be communicated, only pointed to.

It is not special. It is essential. It is the very prerequisite to our own being.

And why do the nondual traditions spend so much time focusing on it? Simply because noticing it can loosen the cacophony of our thoughts and concepts. Resting in it can ease our suffering. It is the state that is often called liberation itself. Liberation from a sense of having to plan and do and succeed or fail.

Just resting in this, for a few minutes, can give our entire lives a completely different perspective. Our work can take on an almost magical quality, as it mysteriously does itself. We can be a simple witness to whatever is arising in our lives, rather than feeling controlled by our circumstances and thoughts.

And the opportunity is here in each moment. For everyone. Waiting to be noticed, and cultivated.


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