Wednesday, June 30, 2010

As You Are

It's easy to think things should be different.

In fact, it is so easy that we spend a lot of our time doing just that. In corporate speak, you could say that thinking things should be different is a core competency.

But can we prove that things could actually be different? To do that, we would have to go back in time and actually do it differently. And of course that is not possible. That ship has sailed.

What if instead, we lived as if things were exactly as they should be? We might not agree or understand, but what if we accepted that things right now are as they are? What if you accepted yourself, right now, exactly as you are?

This doesn't mean you can't change in the future (or that not changing is even possible). You may decide you want to lose weight or stop smoking or start being more kind to the people you manage. Or you may decide something else. All fine.

But right now, you are right here, exactly as you are. Even if that includes the thought that you should be different.


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