Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Have an Average Day!

I saw that today, June 22, has been declared "Have an Average Day" Day and it put a smile on my face.

Two interesting things about this--

First, we put so much pressure on ourselves. Work can feel like a sprint, where we never catch our breaths. So much of the world of Blackberries and Starbucks and constant access can make us feel like we need to be moving 24/7. Even to step back to "average" can feel like a huge relief.

But second might be more interesting. When we commit to slow progress, we actually can do extraordinary things. As the site explains, we can have the time to write a book, or get to know our children. We can connect with people. We can live and feel alive. We can share joy. And regardless of what we end up doing, we can find so much more meaning in our being.

So with that spirit in mind, may this day be an average one. And may it be the first of many more.


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