Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stressed for Success

Our society seems to think that the way that we succeed is to work all the time. We press the accelerator to the floor so that we can get to our destination faster and faster.

And then we break down.

Even the best sports car needs gas, oil, and maintenance. We need to take the time to fuel up, to sleep, to step away from what we are doing to get another perspective.

We want to think that with the right combination of sugar, caffeine, and other chemicals, we can go 24/7, or close to it. But the more we push, the more likely we end up ineffective at best, exhausted and sick at worst.

What we need is rest. What we need is play. What we need is to use our natural reset button.

It's only in finding the right combination of effort and recovery that we maximize our chances for success.


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