Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thoughts on Meditation from Scott Kiloby

I had a great conversation yesterday with Scott Kiloby, a spiritual teacher whose work I really like.

Look for more details in a future post. But part of our conversation was about meditation, and the value of it and other practices like yoga and tai chi.

Like Dan Pink, Scott finds a lot of value in those practices. He was a meditator for years. But interestingly, that isn't what he teaches.

And depending on your experience in the meditation challenge, this might be something to think about.

Scott's experience was that his periods of meditation, first thing in the morning, were very peaceful. But his work day continued to be incredibly hectic. Simply put, there was no carryover from meditation to real life.

Instead, Scott works with people to look at what is happening right now. Do the problems that you find in your thoughts exist right now? Is your concept of self, of what should be happening, here in any kind of solid and permanent way in this moment?

In this way, Scott shows that much of our life is feelings, thoughts and sensations that come and go. And that it is only the background of open, spacious awareness that is unchanged, and that is actually what we are.

We clearly benefit by setting aside some time for meditation. But according to Scott, it is just as important to stop, several times a day, if only for a few moments, to notice the open spaciousness that is present behind all experience. To stop in the midst of everyday experience might be the most important skill we can cultivate, whether we meditate or not.

I look forward to sharing more of our conversation.


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