Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A New Way to Begin Meetings

If you're like me, your work meetings aren't models of efficiency or focus. The invitees rush in, often late, chattering about the latest gossip or the pressures of their various deadlines. If people are on the phone, it's often with the tacit understanding that they will be working on other things during the call.

After beginning late, things seem to go downhill from there. Content is rushed through or missed, decisions are delayed, more meetings are scheduled, seemingly without end.

I think meetings like these get off track at the very beginning.

What if the next meeting you walked into began differently? If you read this blog, you know the value of the reset button, of simply being present for a moment or two. What if we tried this at work?

"Thank you for coming today. We have a lot to do and I want to make sure we are as focused as possible. So let's start with a five minute reset."

Imagine a company where everyone knew that meant to sit quietly, to focus on their breath, to settle into the moment, without thinking about what they were going to say or who they had to impress. And what if every meeting began with that reset?

What do you think that would mean to our productivity? To our creativity? To the connections that we feel with each other? Even to our health?

Could this actually happen? Or is it only a naive dream?


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