Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How and What

Last week, I was part of a corporate planning session, looking at the elements of our strategy, new products and initiatives that we believe are necessary in a changing market, and the timing and staffing of each of those priorities.

It was a very logical exercise. But I wonder if logic is what's really called for. The left brain is very good at figuring out how to do stuff. You want to figure out the seventeen things you need to do to execute your strategy, the left brain is your friend.

But if you want to figure out what that strategy should be, the left brain isn't much help. Sure, you can look at the research, and you can look at what your competitors are doing.

Following trends, though, doesn't show you what's next. Looking in the rearview mirror isn't a very effective way to drive.

To see what's next, to lead, you need the right brain. The nonlinear, big picture, intuitive leap right brain.

My fears are twofold. First, that our organization will not see the need for the right brain. And second, that I won't have the courage to show them.


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