Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's Measured Isn't What Matters

Have you ever noticed that those reports that you get at work never have the stuff you really want?

Maybe you know how many hours you billed, or how much revenue your client paid you last year, or whether you hit your sales target. But how happy are your clients? What kind of value do you deliver? What's going to happen when you face challenges together? What kind of bonds will you forge then?

Sure, you can put a number on loyalty or satisfaction. But connection isn't a number from a survey filled out six months ago while your client was multitasking. Connection is what's happening right now. It's what happens when the boundaries between us fall away and we act as one, regardless of our narrow self interests.

Numbers, on the other hand, are dead as soon as they are uttered. Numbers are the domain of the left hemisphere of the brain, the one that's working on its to do list and never gets to be happy.

Don't get too caught up in the numbers. And don't get too caught up in people or organizations who get caught up in them, either. Business is way too important for that.


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