Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Losing Control

It can be overwhelming, sometimes, when we feel like we don't have control.

I think we've all had that feeling, when we did everything we could and still lost. We didn't get the girl or guy, we didn't get the promotion or the job or the business. And we beat ourselves up, looking for things that we could have done differently, or blaming ourselves for taking on the challenge in the first place.

It can be useful to take a few moments to see if those thoughts are true.

If it truly was outside our control, we're suffering unnecessarily when we think things should have been different. (Truth is, even if it was in our control, it's done now, right?)

Sadness happens. Regret happens. Anger happens. And rather than think that things should have happened differently, or that we should be feeling different now, it's generally best just to let ourselves feel whatever we're feeling.

Let those feelings come. Grieve if that's what is called for. If you're honest with yourself, if you just allow those feelings to come, you'll also allow those feelings to pass. Without clinging, without resistance.

And just like a thunderstorm. it's over, and the sun comes out again.


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1 comment:

  1. ... we are like the weather indeed ... rain, sunshine, clouds, clear sky, open space...