Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Misunderstanding

It can be easy to look at the nondual path and think it's for slackers. After all, if there's nowhere to go and nothing to do, what's left?

The paradox is this. When we engage on some kind of nondual path, we begin to see the difference between reality and our thoughts. And the truth is that for most of us (including me), that difference is vast indeed.

We create a world with our thoughts that behaves in the way that we would like it to, or perhaps more accurately, in the way that we think we deserve. If we are suffering, it is because, on some level, we think we should be suffering.

When we see instead that life is just happening, that things just are, regardless of our opinion, there is an opening. We see, for example, that all of our efforts to do things so that others would approve of us were a colossal waste of time! What people think of us seldom has anything to do with us.

What we see is that most of the time, what is going on in the world has nothing to do with us, and is none of our business. And we see how much of our energy was spent ruminating on things over which we have absolutely no control.

Instead, we start using all that extra energy to do what we want. But not in the way that we did before. Not with some kind of agenda of needing or pleasing.

We instead create what we are here to create. We do what we must do, regardless of what other people think. Life creates through us, and it does so much more passionately than ever before, without concerns of want or need or even result.

In doing nothing, we do more than we have ever done.


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