Friday, February 4, 2011

Insight, Action, Fun

Great post by Jonathan Fields.

I find Jonathan inspiring on a number of fronts. One, he is a very successful entrepreneur. Two, like me, he is a recovering lawyer. And three, he never, never stops.

To me, the hidden gem in this post is--

"I could reveal how my meditation creates so much clarity and fresh ideas, I literally can’t bring them all to life (I don’t get writer’s block, I get writer’s logjam)."

So many people emphasize the mind clearing aspects of meditation that one could come away thinking that if you're not able to silence your mind, you have failed. (By the way, no one can silence their mind for more than a few moments, and you certainly don't silence your mind by trying not to think.)

Sure, there are moments of peace in meditation. But there are also moments of turbulence and panic and clarity and energy and inspiration. And as you get to know these moments, you get a much better sense of your true potential. There is an inner genius that resides within all of us, if we would only let it out.

We are here to play, to create, to have fun.  So if you are inspired to do something, do it! If you fail, who cares! Have fun!

How do you want to have fun today? 


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