Friday, December 10, 2010

Thought Control

Most people think that they are in control of their lives. That they are in charge of their destiny.

It may seem this way most of the time. But let me ask you a question—

Can you control your thoughts?

If you said yes, congratulations. But I don’t believe you.

The truth is that we don’t know where our thoughts come from. Somehow, they pop into our heads. There might be patterns to them, and we might be able to predict when some thoughts will happen. But we are never 100 percent accurate. Sometimes our thoughts can be very surprising, or even disturbing.

Noticing trends is about the best we get. Like looking at the weather or the stock market.

It seems to me that “I decide to go to work” or “I decide to eat soup” is also a thought. And if decisions are thoughts, it seems like we can’t control them, either. 

And if we can’t control our decisions, then it must be that we can’t control our actions, either.

So are we in control, or not?

This is a radical and threatening concept for just about everyone. If we are not in control, who is? If we are not the ones driving the car, who are we? And who's driving?


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