Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Born Happy

Spend some time around small children, and you can see pretty quickly that most of the time, they are happy.

Their diapers need changed, they get hungry and tired, and they might have some momentary frustration. But their innate state seems to be joy. The joy of exploring a new world.

We can have this same joy. Our world is just as fresh in each moment as the world of a newborn child. Yet that child is able to experience that world without concepts or expectations or desires. We, seemingly, are not. At least most of the time. But we can rediscover this ability, and we can cultivate it.

Just for one day, see if you can connect back to your innate goodness. See if you can connect to your inner happiness. See how it is there all the time, even when life doesn't go the way you want.

The second insight then, is that we were all born happy. That this is our innate state, and that we can return to it at any moment.


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