Friday, October 29, 2010

The Art of Giving

We all have a tendency to think about what we are going to get from life, rather than what we are going to give to life.

I'm not sure why that is. I could speculate--that it is based on fear and protection of a self, that our consumption-based society teaches these values, or that the amygdala (part of our lizard brain), which is tuned to social norms, is wired to "keep up with the Joneses."

But it seems to me that this tendency is not likely to lead to success.

In almost every situation that I am familiar with, people who have had tremendous success have not done it for money. They have instead done something that they felt compelled to do, with passion, and that passion has had the byproduct of financial success. Have you every asked anyone who has done really well if they would do it even without the money? Most of the people that I have talked to have said "yes."

We might ask why billionaires keep working. They do it because it is the work that is their passion. The money is only secondary.

So find your gift to the world. And give it with all your being. Do that and you will be fulfilled. Whether you have money or not.


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