Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So What?

I talk a lot in this blog about things like resting in awareness, or in the space before questions or thoughts. And it can seen abstract and intellectual, or like word games.

I think a completely appropriate question to ask is "so what?" I've been pointing at this space of peace and healing, but it really feels more like a void sometimes. As a reader, what do you get out of it? What's the point? How does this relate to what I do at work?

In the work place, we all have things we need to get done, every day. Sometimes these are simple tasks--on the level of sending an email or running an errand.

But more and more, we are asked to come up with new possibilities in how we relate to people and ideas.

When we do this, we often bring a host of assumptions to the table. We have ideas about the people we are working with that may lead us to talk about some things and not others. We may have fears about whether they like us or support us, or whether they want all the credit.

Similarly, when we are asked to create new ideas we often use it as an opportunity to defend our old ideas.

When we come at things from a space of not knowing, we have no agenda. We are open to anything happening.  And in that space, we can be more connected with people, and more creative. We are just as willing to work with people we like as we are with people we don't. We are equally willing to work with  others' ideas, or to have others work with ours, or to create something wholly new, because we are not trying to defend or justify or take credit for anything.

When we are open, there are many more possibilities. And many of these are things we never thought we could do.


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