Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Open, Spacious Being

There are times when we need absolutely nothing. When we are even beyond the idea that we could need anything, that we have ever needed anything or will need anything again. Maybe it happens when looking at a sunset. Maybe it is when we are in line to get the rental car. Who knows? But in these moments, we are complete.

In these moments, if we look for needs or suffering, we can't find them. We are here, and yet we can't even find a sense of an "I" that is experiencing the moment. There is just the experiencing--no division between experiencer and experienced.

To call it anything, even beauty, would be to start to lose it, to kill it, to turn it into a concept or a story.

And when the moment is gone (whether that is five seconds later or five days later), we want to get it back.

We want the formula to get it anytime we want. Sit this way, think of this, focus on that.

And yet there is no formula for grace. All we can do is notice. And be thankful. This is unconditioned awareness. This is nirvana. This is what the sages have all pointed to. And we have had a glimpse of it.


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