Thursday, September 9, 2010

Different Tastes, Different Flavors

I have been reading a lot of Longchenpa lately. Longchenpa is a fourteenth century Tibetan teacher, and speaks very clearly to the nature of awareness. Just to read his words, even in translation, is to open myself to a space in which it is clear that nothing more is needed.

What Longchenpa says is not important. What any of these teachers says, even Jesus, is not important. I realize that is a radical statement, but what spiritual teachers are pointing to cannot be said in words. It is before and beyond words. "To say anything is to miss the mark," is a famous Zen saying.

This isn't about rules or precepts or commandments. It isn't about ethics or being nice. Those things can happen, but they are not the point. Instead it is about finding the teachers or teachings that are for you, wherever you happen to be right now. Some people like vanilla, some chocolate. It's all ice cream.

Find what resonates for you and do it. Not because it is on someone's reading list, or because a friend did it, or because it is something that you have been meaning to try, or because it feels spiritual, but because it is what you must do. You have a built in compass. Use it. The only way it points is home.

Tomorrow I am with my teacher, Peter Fenner, and will not be writing. Until Monday--


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