Monday, August 9, 2010


Coming back to work from a vacation can be jarring.

But the rhythms are essential. When we really get away, we actually can stop thinking about work for awhile. We can draw that line, between working and monitoring, or between working and not working. Occasionally, we can drop the thoughts about work completely.

And that really is my practice right now. To see where I am. To be with what is happening right now. If that is vacationing, then the practice is to be with the beach, or the eating of lunch, or the visiting of the farmers' market. And if it is coming back to work, then I am here. Not anticipating what is going to happen, but addressing the emails and phone calls, one at a time, until the work is done.

There can be a lot of judgment that is layered into that. In addition to doing whatever it is that I am doing, there is a judgment about what I should be doing that might be different. And that is okay. But over time, that judgment can lessen, leaving just what is right here.


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