Friday, June 25, 2010

Stuck at the Airport

I find that traffic jams can be a great opportunity to practice acceptance.

Airports are a close second.

As I write this, I am waiting for my flight back home from an all day meeting at corporate headquarters. It's been delayed about three hours, which will have me getting home at about 1:00 am.

It can be easy to think that things should be different. That there is someone at fault, somewhere to direct anger or frustration. I find myself trying to avoid the delay or lessen it. Maybe an earlier flight is still on the ground, or there is a way to connect through another city. For whatever reason, it feels like torture to sit in an airport for an extra hour or two. We want to be on the go. In constant motion. Making progress, whatever that means.

But a delay can be a nice chance to slow down. To sit. To read a good book. To accept what is happening, rather than fight it.

I often take a delay as a chance to catch up on email, or make phone calls, or to walk around or eat. But the chance to sit, to breathe? I find myself running away from that.


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  1. I had a similar experience last week in an airport. Because of the summer delays (and they are frequent), I have had much opportunity to work on my patience and trying to shift my perception slightly to challenge myself-- is the delay really a big deal or that much of an inconvenience? A few times I have found a reason to connect with someone delayed with me and offer a word of understanding. Every moment has something to offer us— if we are open to finding it.