Monday, May 24, 2010

More on Meditation

This week's entries are going to be about establishing a meditation practice.

There has been a lot written on meditation, so much that it can be very confusing. There are many methods, and some descriptions make it sound incredibly complicated. But actually it is pretty simple to get started.

I have written about Peter Fenner's recommended practice of just sitting. But that practice, which has virtually no structure to it, can be difficult for some people because of the lack of structure .

At the same time, beginners can worry that one need be able to sit in full lotus position to be able to meditate properly. Of course many beginners and long time meditators sit in chairs or even lie down to meditate. The important thing is that you are comfortable, free of tension, and that you generally stay awake.

Tara Brach, a Buddhist meditation teacher in the Washington, DC, area, has a great primer on meditation on her website. You can reach it here.

I can say without hesitation that beginning a meditation practice has changed my life on all levels. There is nothing that I recommend more.


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