Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Much of this path is about giving up.

Giving up the idea that we can control things. Giving up the idea that we can plan for what is coming our way. Giving up even the very idea that we can know who we are.

This happens a little bit at a time. Maybe one day, instead of having the same kind of cereal for breakfast, we have a piece of fruit, or some eggs.

Maybe another day, instead of rushing out the door, we take an extra minute to give the kids a hug.

Maybe we open to the possibility that our coworker, the one who drives us crazy, is just doing the best he can.

When we say "maybe," we are really saying it may be. We are giving permission to the world to be as it is.

Just allow, as little or as much as you can right now.  Maybe I can do the same.


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