Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Constant Motion

This week, I am off work. My last day at my old job was last Friday. My first day at my new job is next Monday. Yesterday I had jury duty, so this is the first day that I have not had something I had to do first thing.

On weekends, it has been easy for me to relax a bit. To do some reading, review my email, write in this blog.

Today it has not been so easy. I am used to being in motion, but I feel caught in between. It is interesting to notice how much I feel a need to be doing things, to be making some kind of progress. There are things to do around the house. There are appointments to make. And I feel like if I do not do those things this week it will be difficult to do them once the new job starts.

This time, which I thought would be for taking a deep breath, for establishing endings and beginnings, has not worked out that way. So far, it is different than what I expected to be.

What to do with that? I am not sure that there is anything to do, other than to observe what is happening. In this process of change, there will be a new sense of equilibrium. There will be new habits and new routines. And as much as the old job felt like a comfortable shoe, there will be some breaking in that will have to happen with the new job.

Right now, I can only wait. And I must admit, I am surprised with how uncomfortable that waiting is.


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