Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bad Moods and Belching

Everyone belches. And everyone gets in bad moods.

But most people treat them very differently. You may say "That's because they are different!" But are they? Like moods, belches arise and then pass. And sometimes they catch us by surprise or even embarrass us.

When people belch, they say "excuse me" and move on. If our boss belches, we don't tend to think about it a month later and hold a grudge about it.

But if our boss is in a bad mood, or if we are in a bad mood, we tend to hold onto it.

The other day I got really, really angry. I slammed my hand to the table, and I wanted to yell and scream. The situation was one that sometimes provokes this response and sometimes doesn't. Ten minutes later, though, the anger was gone.

Like a belch, it arose, it came out, it left. But there are times that I hang onto that mood. I blame myself for it. I think of it as part of me. I don't do that with a belch. Heck, sometimes I even laugh at myself after a belch. I rarely laugh at myself after a bad mood or an angry comment.

Let's try to be less hard on ourselves when we get really cranky. And let's be less hard on others when they are cranky. Like a belch, it happens to all of us. And like a belch, it can be forgotten. And forgiven.


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  1. well well well, is it ok if i go right to the part where i say "i love you" or would that violate the part that is 'corporate', and yet be ok with the part that is 'zendo'? was that other day 'friday?' and if it was ... is it coindence that i had a temporary loss of balance and centerness and 'suffered' similiarly... i wish that i had had the remedy of thinking of the 'whole' thing with the same regard as a belch ... next time i will try my best to ... do you think our bad mood ... was connected or not at all ... are there themes that blow in with the wind and at that very nextminute are far away ... do you think that somehow 'anger/bad moods' refresh us in the sense that they 'stir up' something that was already there and might have been stuck? and that that stirs up our soul ... pushes it out to the front and into the light to be healed? ,,, so in its own way might this be why we ... (you and me brother) hold onto it ... kinda like we hold onto 'hope' ... is it ok if i go to the part where it is ok if i say 'i love you' cause i do ... and i don't care if its against company policy or not !!!