Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome to The Corporate Zendo

Why The Corporate Zendo?

Two words I suspect you don't see together that often.

It might make sense to give you a little background. I am an attorney and consultant who has been working in the corporate world for the last twenty years. The last eight have been at a public company, with all the challenges that brings.

I have been a seeker all that time and more. And I have engaged in meditation practice for the last decade and a half. I am looking for others who, like me, are trying to combine the demands (and rewards) of corporate life with the demands (and rewards) of a more personal inquiry. I have spent time working with teachers (mostly in eastern traditions), in retreat, and I even lead a small group here, but most of the people that I have come across have not had careers that look like mine. Put simply, I have not seen a place where "corporate seekers" can share. So I decided to start one.

A zendo is a meditation hall. A place to look at ourselves and our thoughts. At the patterns that arise in us and define how we see the world. But don't be too attracted to, or put off by, the term zendo. This is not "Zen and the Art of Work." It is just a place to share and inquire into our lives and how we live them. I don't pretend to know what is best for me, let alone for you. No dogma, or even answers. Just a profound reverence for the mystery of it all.

If you are interested in sharing, or just in following along, let's start a community and see where this goes.


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