Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One Hundred Percent is a Breeze

Jack Canfield wrote a great book a few years ago called The Success Principles, which is a compendium of 64 different motivational ideas. It is great for those of use with short attention spans--summarizing each idea with a high impact story. For most of us, even incorporating three or four of the principles would result in big change in our lives.
One that stuck with me was called "99% is a Bitch, 100% is a Breeze." The principle is about commitment, and about having no exceptions to those promises we make to ourselves and others.

If you say "I will exercise when I feel good," or "I will meditate when I have time," then your lizard brain will convince yourself that this morning is an exception. You can always do those things tomorrow, right?

I travel for business, and almost always (see?) plan to workout when I am gone. But often if I have had a late dinner or have an early meeting, I tell myself that "just this time" I will let myself sleep in. As a result, I bring home a lot of clean workout clothes!

But I always meditate, because I got in the habit a long time ago of meditating every day, no exceptions. And we tend to have that "no exceptions" mentality around the things that really matter to us.

The life that we have is, in large part, a product of our habits. How many of your habits are optional?


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