Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just This

The witness. Buddha mind. The zone. Your original face. Awareness.

These terms come from a variety to traditions but all point to the same thing. (And to even call it a thing is to misspeak.)

What are you? Are you your thoughts? Then what is thinking those thoughts? What is it that is watching your life? Where do your thoughts come from?

Your thinking brain wants answers to these questions, and it will fill those rare moments of silence with questions and explanations and stories. But what are you when you are waiting for your next thought?

In this state, or space, is anything missing? Can you suffer? Can you be wishing that you were more productive or that your boss was a better person or that you didn't have that deadline coming up?

Just this. Just what is happening, without thoughts or interpretations or stories. There is peace here, a break from the pressures of the day.

We miss it because we always want to be doing things or explaining things or telling ourselves and others stories about what our experience means. But it is always here. Even in the busyness.

Can we notice what is aware in the moments when we are not doing any of those things? Is there anything that could damage this awareness? Is there anywhere it can go?


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