Friday, April 29, 2011

The Magic Room

[Jeff is on vacation today. This post originally appeared on December 21, 2010.]

What if there were a magic room that has the following properties--

--Everything you do or say or even think about is exactly what's right for you in each moment.

--It's impossible to make a mistake, but there is constant learning.

--There's no need to worry about the future (or the past), because everything is taken care of at the appropriate time.

--Everyone and everything is there for your highest good. Even (especially!) those things and people you find difficult.

--You see everyone and everything as just another part of yourself.

Would you behave differently in that magic room? Would you find yourself spending more time in that room than outside of it?

What if I told you that you're already in that room? And that you've never been out of it?


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  1. I really like your post. Hope, everyone get this magic room in their life & find satisfaction & peace in life. You gave us very nice piece of info. Thanks for your valueable contribution. Keep Sharing such beautiful thoughts with us.

  2. Thanks, Chris--

    Looking at your site it looks like you know a bit about magic yourself!

    All the best,